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Do you need to refurbish your building façade?

  • Re-image, modernise?
  • Upgrade to a seismic building envelope
  • Improve the façade's thermal/acoustic performance?
  • Solve weathering problems?
  • Gain lettable space

To do this are you concerned about?

  • Disruption to existing tenants?
  • Losing tenants during refurbishment?

Medium / highrise refurbishment 

Thermosash's curtainwall refurbishment is undertaken using its own designed and specialised access platform clad in an opaque plastic to transmit natural light. This enables the façade replacement to be completed from the exterior and the work can be done outside normal working hours to minimise tenant impact. We have completed major refurbishing contracts where the tenants did not have to move from their floor while the cladding was being replaced. Another advantage of the access platform is the way it enables all weather work (high winds excepted) and this shortens the time taken to complete - minimizing disruption.

Replacement curtainwall units and labour are transported externally up one end of the building and introduced to the access platform at the required level.

The platform is two floors in height and approximately 1900mm deep, wired to provide an all hours and all weather working platform.

Steel cables suspend the whole system from needle brackets mounted on the roof so that the flexi-deck unit can "climb" up or down the building on a floor-by-floor basis as work progresses.

Irregular shaped buildings

For projects that are unique in shape we engineer solutions accordingly and can modify our specialised access system to work with your project.

Thermosash services

Often a building is sold subject to a due diligence period. Thermosash can provide technical support, design and performance data to assist in determining the condition of a façade and the potential replacement cost.

We are able to provide a full design and costing service covering the many technical and performance aspects associated with a particular building design. We can design, fabricate, install and glaze our systems anywhere in New Zealand.