Facid Facade

Features and Benefits

The Schüco Facid Facade is a cost effective, functional and flexible mesh fabric solution offering opportunities to create a unique facade appearance adaptable to a wide variety of supporting surfaces on a range of building types.

The non-flammable fabric Facid Facade provides effective solar shading, while ensuring ventilation and transparency with clear views to the outside.

This innovative building envelope solution can make a design statement like no other. Offering numerous configuration options to create three-dimensional shapes, a spectrum of colours to select from, the ability to print text and artwork onto the fabric, as well as the ability to utilise the translucency of the fabric through effective lighting to create a striking night scene. Schüco Facid Facade system combines the benefits of curtainwalling with a high level of design freedom to re-imagine and play with the building envelope to make a functional yet uniquely creative statement.

Thermosash manufactures here in New Zealand and installs all Schüco product using our own team of experienced people, ensuring you get not only a quality product but a continuation of our quality service. 

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How to proceed

  1. View the Schüco website / login and search for the system and select the details that you wish to use on your project.
  2. Use the Masterspec Branded section 4211SC and select the system you have noted on your project.
  3. Contact our Thermosash Schüco specialist if you have any questions.


Photos: Schüco International KG. All material provided portrays representative examples of Schüco systems.