Product Description

DeltaGuard™ is a security window system developed for low to medium security human and physical structural impact project requirements. A specifically engineered frame and combined glass suite offering correctional facilities, youth detention, acute and forensic mental health facilities and data centre projects the peace of mind on entry or exit retriction and ballistic or blast control – protecting those that are in the building, behind our security façade systems.

The DeltaGuard™ suite has undergone continual development over the last 25 years - originally developed for youth detention facilities it has been further utilised in New Zealand Government buildings, consulates, biocontainment facilities, correctional facilities and forensic and acute mental health facilities – designed to protect the users within the building, as much as the public, by having no accessible parts that can be used for weapons and self-harm, and by our blast systems that can absorb and mitigate the potential for shrapnel damage internally.

Each system is custom engineered for the intended use, span, and building construction.

The Suite has multiple options that can include;

  • Impact resistant frame and glazing unit - fixed
  • Integrated / isolated automated venetian blind for anti-ligature mitigation or microbial cleaning separation.

Please Note: DeltaGuard™ is not intended for high security protection where we would recommend SÄLZER for medium to high end security, ballistic, intruder and blast protection.  Talk to us about your project so that we can supply the safest product for you.

Thermosash intruder and impact testing

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Key Features

  • Reinforced frame to take high impact internal loading, external loading or both.
  • Designed to mitigate frame parts converting to weapons
  • Ability to quickly switch out primary glass if damaged to reduce time a room is unoccupied where necessary
  • Glazing pocket designed to accommodate varying glass thickness to meet projects needs
  • Glazing options include; polycarbonate, Glass or IGU
  • Anti-ligature internal design
  • Domestic / residential non-institutional aesthetic.
  • Tested for tool damage / destruction – intrusion resistance.
  • Each system is specifically engineered for your project's needs
  • Options available to provide security to restrict transfer of contraband


DeltaGuard Product Disclosure - documents package



Sizing of units is subject to project securiy needs, and limitations may apply pending application and structural load intent -  please contact us to discuss details / engineering requirements for your project.


  • Polyester powder coat - both standard and special colours available.
  • Anodised - all anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended.
  • PVF2 Fluorocarbon finishes - available on request.

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