Building Performance

Building Performance

Thermosash has the engineering, quality control and skilled install teams to help manage and achieve performance specific project requirements.

Every project is unique - to help achieve superior air infiltration performance framing elements should be minimised as much as possible, and junctions between cladding solution should be simplified and well-coordinated to maintain continuity of the air barrier.

  • AS/NZS 4284 requires our products to pass an air infiltration requirement of 1.6 L/m2.s @ 150 Pa pressure differential. High end projects are commonly seeking a requirement equivalent to 1.38 L/m2.s @ 50 Pa

  • Recent Thermosash AS/NZS 4284 lab tests of our facade products have resulted in air leakage less than 0.14 L/m2.s including the booth leakage at +/- 50Pa, and in one recent test where the booth leakage was measured, no measurable air leakage was recorded through the curtainwall.

  • We believe this performance of our suites will provide our installed product, on projects, with decreased energy demands over the full expected operational life of the building (including following an SLS seismic event).

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