Thermosash Commercial Ltd. are proud to be the New Zealand distribution agency for the Danish HH-Intellitech, Glaslift Machinery lifting range.

The GlasLift range simplifies the lifting, manoeuvrability and placement of large heavy or difficult planar materials such as glass, steel, wood, concrete, granite.

Swedish Precision Engineering

HH-Intellitech has been designing and manufacturing specialist building equipment in Denmark since 2006 and is considered the preeminent manufacturer of this type of equipment.

Glaslift range features:

  • High suction lifting frames (400% redundancy) capable to lift multiple planar materials (fa├žade elements, glass, granite, concrete, doors etc.)
  • Walk behind or self-propelled machines or host machine mountable
  • 3d manipulation operation
  • Millimetre accuracy for delicate / accurate placement
    Robotic / remote control operation

Glaslift Advantages:

  • Reduction in potential damage to your product
  • Reduction in personnel required for lifting equivalent weight
  • Reduction in material handling time
  • Increasing your production or onsite productivity

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