Cast Glass (Linit 'U' Profiled)


Cast or profiled glass is one of the oldest methods of glass production. While the glass is still hot and in a plastic state, it is rolled and bent into 'U' shape profiles of various widths up to 7m long. It is then cooled, annealed and cut to length. The resulting glass channels all have an individual optical character which gives the effect of a lively, light refracting glass fa├žade. The U-profile channels can have multiple surface finishes, including cord and prismasolar patterns, sandblasted or ceramic frit (coloured). LINIT U-Glass can also be made in low iron glass and can be toughened and heat soaked.

Originally, channel glass was a low-cost solution for simple commercial and industrial buildings. However, it has become a fashionable building element that is now specified by leading architects for museums, hospitals, shopping centres and sport stadiums etc.

There are many methods of installing these glass elements, including a unique glazing channel system. At Woods Glass, we will help specify the appropriate product based on your design.

Thermosash Group Company, Woods Glass, source this glass from 'Lamberts' one of the oldest independent glass manufacturing facilities in Germany, established in 1887. Woods Glass represent the LINIT glass (profiled cast glass) products in New Zealand and are available for providing design and engineering assistance for this specialist glass and the integration of it into your project.

Product Features

  • Made in Germany.
  • Available up to 7m long.
  • Range of profiles available from 232 x 41 -331 x 60mm
  • Can be toughened (tempered) and heat soaked
  • Range of surfaces finishes and patterns
  • Range of colours using ceramic enamel
  • Range of glazing methods for single or double glazing
  • Sustainably produced using oxygen fired melting furnace.
  • Utilises the maximum amount of recycled glass possible.
  • Labelled as one of the 'Top 10 Green Building Products 2008' and was the only glass product in the list.
  • High quality product.
  • Range of frames available including thermally broken

Download: LINIT manual