Curved Glass


Glass can be bent and curved in a simple radius or compound curves. It can also be toughened and laminated for safety, and made into an IGU for insulation. Limits apply to all processes depending on the equipment used.

Thermosash Group Company, Woods Glass, can source bends and curves from local and international manufacturers depending on the specifications.

The key terms and data required are:

Height: The straight edge length of the bend

Girth: The distance around the circumference of the curve

Depth: The distance between the apex of a bend and a line across the edge

Radius: A line taken from the centre of a circle to the circumference

Degree: The size of the segment of a circle in degrees

Tangent: A straight line coming from the arch of a curve

Chord: The straight distance between the edges of the curve

When ordering curved glass, try and provide all the measurements listed above if possible. It is important that the measurements state whether they are taken to the inside or outside surface of the glass.

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