Low E


Low emissivity glass (Low E) is a special coating that is designed to increase the thermal performance of windows and reduce heat transfer. It is manufactured by either pyrolytic or sputter techniques.

Low E coatings are designed to reflect long wave radiation from the inside or outside of the building. They are generally non-reflective and highly transparent.

The coating will help to prevent heat escaping the building during winter, and at the same time allowing free passive heating from the sun to warm the building, contributing to an increased energy efficiency of the windows.

The pyrolytic coatings can be used in single glazing, but must be applied to surface 2 to ensure it functions properly. The coatings are perfect to use in IGUs and in conjunction with a tinted coating in order to control the solar gain.


  • Improve thermal efficiency of windows
  • Improved thermal insulation
  • Promotes passive solar heat gain
  • Improved solar control performance when used in conjunction with tinted coatings.