Patterned Glass


Patterned and obscured glass is manufactured in many different thicknesses and patterns. The pattern is rolled into the surface during manufacture. Many patterned designs used for older houses are no longer available. Typically, they are 4, 5 and 6 mm in thickness but some special commercial patterns are available in 8 and 10mm. In addition, some are available in grey and bronze tints.

Typical patterns are:

  • Stippolite / Spotswood
  • Cathedral
  • Roughcast
  • Mistlite / Satinlite / Pacific
  • Cotswold / Seadrift
  • Narrow Reeded
  • Broad Reeded
  • Flemish

Some patterns can be toughened and or laminated for safety glass but some deep patterns cannot. Most can be used in IGUs but the pattern side may need to be on the outer surfaces (1 or 4).