Photovoltaic Glass


BIPV or Building Integrated Photovoltaics, are a specialty glass element. They are available in either transparent or translucent glass with integrated solar cells to convert clean electric solar energy into electricity. This means that power for a building could be produced within the roof, canopy, sky light or from the glazed vertical fa├žade elements. The glass types can come in laminated and high performance specifications including IGUs as required, offering thermal insulation properties as well varying transparency levels, providing a shading element and reduction in solar gain.

The solar cells are embedded between two glass panes and a special resin is filled between the panes, securely wrapping the solar cells on all sides. Each individual cell has two electrical connections, which are linked to other cells in the module, to form a system which generates a direct electrical current.

There are a number of international projects around the world incorporating this technology setting a precedent for zero carbon power generation.

Woods Glass are constantly reviewing offshore technologies and are seeing that the efficiencies and cost of this technology is becoming increasingly more feasible. We have technology agreements with many specialty glass suppliers and can assist your project's integration of BIPV products. If you need assistance with a 'total' off-grid integrated glass solution - please contact us to discuss your needs.