Security Glass


Laminated glass can be made to resist severe purposeful or accidental impact and is often constructed from combinations of multiple layers of glass and thick interlayers.

Typical types are:

  • Anti- Bandit for smash and grab - typically 7.5 and 11.5mm. This glass is made up of two sheets of annealed glass bonded by a 1.5 mm thick plastic interlayer. This is designed to resist manual attack and to delay the access to the protected area for a short period of time. This glass is ideal for instances where the noise generated would alert neighbours and inhabitants.
  • Intruder Resistant for higher security - typically 14 to 23 mm. These glasses are generally multi-laminates and glass and polycarbonate construction. Because there are multiple layers of material, it makes penetration very difficult and time consuming.
  • Prison and Suicide cell for security and safety – typically 14 to 20 mm. The construction of this product is by using multiple layers of annealed, toughened and heat strengthened glass and polycarbonate with an interlayer. The result is a thin, lightweight product that is ideal for low or medium security applications, like the housing of mentally disturbed patients. The glass will maintain a level of strength even after one or both of the plies have been broken.

Various combinations are available depending on the level of resistance or attack weapon and international standard performance. The frame design is critical in order to equally resist the force imposed.

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Wiri Prison


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