Self Tinting Glass


VariShield self-tinting glass is a unique thermochromic laminated safety glass with a special interlayer that tints darker when exposed to the sun (heated). It has no wires, electrodes, power supplies or controls and no tricks – just the sun.

It allows approximately 50% of the visible light transmission (VLT) under normal cloudy conditions to transmit internally and as the sun beats down on the glass it drops to around 10% VLT so you don’t need blinds, drapes and shades, and don’t need to worry about glare. It also reduces UV and sound so it provides a better working environment, and is best suited for east, north and west sunny faces of the building.

VariShield is combined with low e glass and used in IGUs to provide brilliant performance and lower the shading coefficient (SC) down to as low as 0.14 with a U value of 1.3 W/m2K

It is limited in size to 2700 x 1650mm