Switchable Glass


Switchable Glass is a laminated glass with a liquid crystal inter-layer that carries an electrical charge. When current runs through the glass inter-layer the crystals align which makes the glass transparent. However when the power is turned off, the crystals randomly overlap causing an opaque privacy glass.

Thermosash and Thermosash Group Company, Woods Glass, have sought a relationship with the provider of this technology on the basis of the longest time in the industry, developing one of the highest clarity systems in LED switchable privacy glass technology since 1990.

Great for when a clear or tinted appearance glass pane is required, then with flick of a switch the glass pane goes from transparent to opaque, offering privacy.

Uses include projector screen walls, meeting rooms, bathroom divider walls etc.

Basic Information

Glass Type: Annealed, tempered, curved etc (laminated)

Glass Colour: Clear, bronze, grey, green tint etc (laminated)

Clarity: VLT is up to 75% (+/- 3%)

Dimension: Up to 1820mm x 3500mm (largest format in the industry)

Thickness: 8mm (3mm+3mm) to 22mm (10mm+10mm)

Shape: Any shape, including holes

Electrical Parts

Driving Voltage: 65 +/- volts A.C.

Current: Less than 20 mA/ft2

Power: approx. 0.5 watt/ft2

Power Supply: 220V (uses a general electrical outlet )


Storage: -20oC to 70oC (-4oF to 158oF)

Operation: -10oC to 60oC (14oF to 140oF)

Switch Time: Approx. 100 milliseconds at room temperature


Transmission: 75%

View Angle: Approx. 140o

Scattering: Effectiveness approx. 25mm


Warranty: 1 year for electrical components

Life Expectancy: Greater than 10 years (Claim is supported by manufacturer testing data)

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