Tinted Glass


Tinted glass is manufactured by the same process as clear float glass; however, manufacturers can introduce oxides to tint the glass in a range of shades These are typically green, blue, grey and bronze. The process reduces UV radiation, visible light transmission and solar gain.

When a glass has a tint, it can get hot and create thermal stress. Depending on the colour and darkness of the tint, the glass may require heat treatment in order to protect it from heat induced damage. Tinted glass can provide significant benefits when used in IGUs and in conjunction with a Low E coated glass.


  • Solar control, reducing the need for air conditioning.
  • Range of colours available, allowing for originality in architectural design.
  • Subtle colour range.
  • Low reflection, reducing glare from the sun.
  • Improved privacy compared with clear float glass.
  • Can be further processed in the same ways as traditional annealed glass.
  • Can reduce UV radiation.

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