The predominant use of aluminium in the façade industry is due to the material's unique properties: versatile, light weight, easily extruded into complex shapes, strong, low metal reactivity, self healing, non-corrosive, low maintenance and relatively low cost.

It is also used for all associated work with façades such as flashings and solar shading fins etc.

Aluminium is easy to surface finish and can obtain long external use warranties with powder coating and anodising. It is important to consider dissimilar metal use on buildings, eg copper water shedding onto aluminium is not recommended.

We have undertaken large pressings from sheet aluminium offering easy integration with our systems. Its light weight means that elements can be fixed off our curtainwall and its flexibility means almost any shape can be configured.

There are assorted grades of aluminium available that suit various final uses. Thermosash typically specify 6063-T5 alloy for structural members and 1200-5005 alloy H14 temper sheet for flashing elements.

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