Anodising is the process of electrolytic passivation - used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer in aluminium and provide a colour by dyeing. The process increases the corrosion and wear resistance - the greater the thickness the greater the resistance.

The advatages of anodised as a surface finish are:

  • Superior bonding of the colour - as it is a metal reaction rather than a coating.
  • Colour stability.
  • A safe non hazardous coating process, not harmful to human health nor has any dangerous by-products.

Whilst dissadavantages of the finish can be:

  • Brittleness of the coating and susceptability to scratching if care is not undertaken during manufacture or on-site .
  • Scratches can be difficult to repair.
  • Due to the coating process being critical to time - batches can vary in shades.

Thermosash recommend commercial grade 20 micron finish for exterior building applications.