Powdercoating is without doubt one of the most common methods of protecting aluminum in the building industry due to the large range of colours and the durability of the harder and often tougher surface powdercoating than can be achieved with conventional liquid paints.

Powdercoating is the process of adding a coloured powder electrostatically to a negatively charged piece of metal and then cured under heat to allow the coating to flow and form a coating or skin.

Advantages of powdercoating are:

  • Emits zero VOC (volatile organic compounds).
  • Can produce much thicker coatings than liquid paints - without the paint system running.
  • Overspray can be recycled.
  • Colour consistency between batches is maintained.
  • Many specialty colours and effects can be achieved - including 'look-a-like' anodised.
  • Small scratches can be repaired with an approved touch-up paint from the paint supplier.
  • Warranties available up to 20 years (for film and colour).

Thermosash recommends a polyester powdercoat - which is available in various performance levels depending on the severity of the environment and warranty being sought for the project. Both standard and special colours available.