Terracotta tiles offer an alternative cladding system that offers a ventilated cavity type construction. The tiles are available in various sizes, colours, profiles and can be fixed with a support rail system engineered by Thermosash with interlocking brackets that ensure the tiles do not dislodge during extreme building movement or high winds. The material can also be incorporated in to a Thermosash unitised cladding system, enabling a higher level of productivity on site via pre-installed factory assembled panels.

The tiles are extruded and baked to very exacting tolerances that provide a very clean linear appearance on your building.

Tiles are available in various lengths up to 1200mm, as well as baguettes which are square hollow tubes, designed to provide an aesthetic shading element to a buildings facade.

Thermosash has been very selective in the company that we choose to supply our tiles. We undertook in house testing including impact and moisture absorbency tests to ensure that our selected supplier will meet our performance requirements. We ultimately selected a supplier who has proven that the tiles meet the strict impact testing standard called the “ballproof test” in conformance with DIN 18032-3 meaning our systems are ideal for buildings subject to high movement and high mechanical stress - ideally public buildings and schools for example.

Thermosash has designed, manufactured and installed bespoke facade unitised curtainwall and cassette rainscreen solutions incorporating Terracotta tiles on a number of high profile projects.


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Projects Thermosash has undertaken utilising a terracotta tile cladding system;

Should you be considering utilising Terracotta tiles - either as a rail system or integrated into unitised panel facade system - contact us to discuss your project.