Unitised Fa├žades - Low Rise

Features and Benefits

Low Rise Unitised or Panel Wall systems offer a total cladding package, which are flexible and versatile. The design options for architects from the combinations of materials and colours available today are almost limitless.

The low-rise version - an economical suite designed for projects with smaller floor to ceiling heights and low wind zones.

Since 1985 Thermosash Commercial Limited has developed a totally integrated, high performance, unitised panel wall suite to enable all the products aesthetic features to be used on one project. The low rise unitised can be used on applications where smaller spans or smaller panes of glass require a lower strength system. The suites have been used extensively on major high profile projects throughout New Zealand and our export markets, including, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and the South Pacific Islands.

The weathering design of these suites follows recognised international curtain wall design principles - rainscreen pressure equalisation and system drainage - which requires primary and secondary weathering. The rainscreen acts as a primary water-stop, the second airseal and cavity acts as a backup to collect and drain away any water that manages to penetrate the primary rainscreen barrier.

All internal cavities of the system are designed to be pressure equalised (i.e. no pressure differential between the outside face and any internal cavity). This feature allows the water which penetrates the rainscreen to drain freely back to the exterior. The rear air seal is critical to the system's weathering performance as air infiltration acts as the medium which transports water through to the building's interior, i.e. it is the prime cause of any leakage.

These engineered facade products are designed to accommodate:

  • building movements - both vertical and horizontal
  • differential rates of thermal expansion and contraction
  • connection details to accommodate construction tolerances
  • structural member strengths comply with Code or project specification
  • glass design and it's integration with the glazing system to ensure glass warranties are complied with