Entrance Door Access Control

Product Description

Schüco DCS (Door Control System) access control satisfies the increasing requirement for individually tailored security in residential construction.

Schüco DCS access control can be operated using either a keypad and inputting a numerical code, a card reader with passive RFID transponders or with your fingerprint using a biometric fingerprint scanner.

For more security, the DCS access control modules can also be combined - two identical or different technologies can thus be managed.

A high degree of customisation is possible to enable connections to DCS door communication or DCS components with motion detectors, proximity switches, light modules and house numbers.

Schüco Aluminium entrance doors offer high durability and weathering resistance, along with low maintenance and optimum thermal insulation. The ability to integrate security and access control presents a unique door with a tailored modern design.

Please view the brochures available in CAD downloads for more details.


Photos: Schüco International KG. All material provided portrays representative examples of Schüco systems.

Thermosash is the exclusive New Zealand Partner of the German company Schüco. We have extended our high-end residential range to include their high thermal performance and integrated automation solutions for window, door and sliding systems. All suites and brands that Thermosash offers, come with our reputation for being backed by local, in-house engineering, manufacturing and installation, ensuring you get not only a quality product but a continuation of our quality service.

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Key Features

  • Door and door communication form one system: The modules of DCS access control can be installed flush in the profile and thus blend into the associated door system
  • Door management from a single source. The Schüco Door Control System is a door management system consisting of door communication, access control and emergency exit functions
  • Maximum security against unauthorised access thanks to the separate control unit on the inside and a tamper-proof communication system

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Schüco Entrance Door Systems

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Schüco Door Control System

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