Mobil Exxon Project - Papua New Guinea

Project Overview

The Mobil Exxon campus project in Papua New Guinea was won by Thermosash under an international selection Tender under Leightons Construction (Australia).

Our contract was for a total of nine buildings, including main office, support, recreational and gatehouses buildings amongst many others.

The brief called for thermal analysis to be completed of which our PW1000 suite provided the thermal break that is required in such a hot climate.

Export projects demand exceptional logistic management, as getting goods up to PNG can be difficult and damaged panels would not be acceptable due to the long turn around time. On that basis we designed and fitted out over 65 containers holding over 650 complete unitised panels.

The unitised panel suite total clad system installed on this project coupled with almost no dependence on site tower cranes has meant the installation process was efficient and independent.

Papua New Guinea - Port Moresby

Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd (Principal Design Consultant)