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The Thermosash Pressure Equalized Open Joint Cladding - RS2000 suite, is an engineered cavity rainscreen cladding system, incorporating a unique cavity creating bracketing system. The suite most commonly utilises ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel) as the rainscreen material, but equally also can incorporate almost any other solid metal or ACP type material, such as a cassette cartridge in zinc, stainless steel, terracotta or powder coated aluminum etc.

RS2000 - Pressure Equalized Open Joint Cladding

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We recommend using Masterspec 4251TS Commercial Windows when specifying this suite.

NB:  The RS1000 suite requires a fully constructed wall with air barrier installed to a coordinated design. The air barrier wall should include insulation and all flashings required to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code. Due to the limitations of some building wraps to withstand high wind loads,Thermosash recommends a rigid air barrier (RAB) where calculated. Due to the movement such as wind, live loading or seismic that buildings can be subjected to, Thermosash recommends that RAB detailing should compensate for the movement in flashings and fixings so the RAB does not suffer air leakage and therefore potential moisture transfer through rainscreen cladding systems.


  • Polyester powdercoat - both standard and special colours available
  • Anodised - all anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 Micron finish recommended
  • PVF2 Fluorocarbon finishes - available on request