Bayleys House gets 4.5 Stars

Bayleys House gets 4.5 Stars

NABERSNZ is a system for rating the energy efficiency of office buildings, backed by the New Zealand government.  NABERSNZ Certified Rating provides a clear view of how well a building or tenanted space is using energy.

Bayleys House has 70 energy monitoring meters spread across the building. The building owner, 151 Property, is strongly committed to sustainability initiatives. The building received a 4.5 star NABERSNZ base building rating and a 4.5 star tenancy rating in 2019, both of which were awarded again in 2020.

Bayleys House Sustainable Features:

  • A high performance double glazed facade (by Thermosash) to maximise natural light and balance thermal comfort.
  • Highly efficient heat pumps
  • On-demand cooling
  • Detailed energy monitoring system
  • Rainwater storage
  • LED office lighting
  • Low-flow water fittings
  • End of trip facilities

Thermosash delivers engineered facade solutions offering increased value in terms of on-going trust, performance and durability in product lifespan - a priority for long term sustainable building ownership to minimise maintenance costs and maximise the return on investment on the building facade.

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