Frameless Glass Doors

Product Description

Toughened glass doors have a long history and a range of available fittings and closers which have evolved for these “frameless doors”, as they are known. However they are not always frameless as they often contain door rails and can have edge sections as seals.

Typical Pivot types are;

  • Rails top and bottom
  • Type B doors – Patch fittings top and rail on bottom
  • Type C doors – Patch fittings top and bottom

Frameless doors can also use a range of hinges and modern versions are hydraulic and operate as closer so floor springs are not require. In addition pole support systems and fittings can be used as well as bar supported sliding systems. – If you have an opening we can close it with glass.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

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CAD Downloads

Frameless Single Glazed Auto Door - PW1000 Seismic 160mm Mullion

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Auto Sliding Door - PW1000 160mm Mullion Double Glazed

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