Unitised Facades - Thermal

Features and Benefits

A Thermal Break Suite is used when there is a need to reduce thermal transfer from inside to outside. Thermosash suites are often specified in areas of high condensation such as internal pool areas or where the temperature between inside and out can vary significantly.

The final performance of the curtainwall / panel wall suite is subject to many variables, from size of individual panels, glass performance, introduction of transoms and integrated solar shading (where bracketing may cause a cold link passage) and spandrel depth (insulation). Our team of designers and engineers are able to review your project and advise around the best solutions for your project.


  • Bespoke engineered solution, locally designed, manufactured and installed by Thermosash
  • Improved U Value of suite performance (reduced heat loading internally and reduced cold transfer in colder conditions
  • Exceeds industry code for minimal air leakage
  • Speed of installation with unitised facade systems
  • Integrated spandrel insulation
  • Return on investment on the facade - due to increased durability of a Thermosash system over the life of the building


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