High Performance Security Products

Features and Benefits

For more than four decades SÄLZER have specialised in building security systems, delivering specifically designed and constructed products such as doors, windows, facades and guardhouses to provide diverse security solutions for customers worldwide.

SÄLZER's innovative and bespoke high-quality security solutions are designed by specialists and manufactured by qualified professionals in Marburg, Germany.  The SÄLZER product range is divided into six series each with individual profiles. The system can be configured to combine security features to meet custom design security requirements. SÄLZER products are tested and certified to comply with European, American and other international standards (DIN, EN, ISO, UL, US-DOS etc).

Thermosash is the exclusive New Zealand Schüco Partner. In 2018 SÄLZER became part of Schüco. This partnership allows us to offer these exceptional high-end security solutions for commercial and residential buildings within New Zealand. All SÄLZER security products that we offer will be designed and manufactured by SÄLZER, in Germany, with tried and tested methodologies, high-end quality and certified international standards, and will be installed in New Zealand by Thermosash to exacting requirements.




The SÄLZER range of products offer;

*GSA2 refers to the blast testing results in accordance with the USA GSA-TS01-2003 for the testing of window systems including all frames, attachments, sealants etc. Where GSA2 is the performance condition 2 with protection level 'very high' - glazing cracks but is retained by the frame. 

**(Fire resistance is tested and classified according to the European standards DIN EN 1363-1, 1363-2, 1634-1 in conjunction with DIN EN 14600 and 13501-2.)

For further information on the classes, standards and protection requirements that SÄLZER tests to, and certifies for, please view their brochure:
Norms, Standards, Individual Requirements



Due to highly engineered and specific nature of these high-performance security systems, please call us to discuss the security requirements for your high-end residential or commercial protect - Contact Us.


Photos: SÄLZER GmbH