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SÄLZER high end security doors are available in graduated security classifications against various threat scenarios;

  • Forced entry resistance up to classes RC5 / RC6 (in steel)
  • Break-out resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance classes up to EXR5-NS, EPR4-NS, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)*

*GSA2 refers to the blast testing results in accordance with the USA GSA-TS01-2003 for the testing of window systems including all frames, attachments, sealants etc. Where GSA2 is the performance condition 2 with protection level 'very high' - glazing cracks but is retained by the frame.

For further information on the classes, standards and protection requirements that SÄLZER tests to, and certifies for, please view their brochure:
Norms, Standards, Individual Requirements

The security doors by SÄLZER are adaptable to meet varied building envelope requirements, whether integrating with glazed curtain walling or architectural residential building facades - considering operating comfort, style and security level are part of the design process. The doors can integrate automated fittings, access control units and escape door technology.

Forced entry resistance testing

SÄLZER website links:

  • High forced entry resistance, bullet resistance and blast resistance providing optimal protection:

Aluminium Door Series S2es

  • Framed glass doors offering the look and feel of regular non security doors whilst providing safety against mid-range security threats:

Aluminium Doors Series S6es

  • Steel doors offering protection against forced entry Class RC6, bullet resistance up to FB7-NS, blast resistant (pressures up to 26,3 bar/500kg explosives), with options for fire and smoke protection:

Steel Doors Series S4


Due to highly engineered and specific nature of these high-performance security systems, please call us to discuss the security requirements for your high-end residential or commercial protect - Contact Us.

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Download brochure: SÄLZER Security Doors