Bow Truss

Product Description

Bow Truss Structural Glass Assemblies also know as Suspended Assemblies have high impact visually but as they are always specific design solutions do require significant engineering consideration and must still provide a high level of weathering despite contingency in the detailing.

Thermosash, in partnership with Woods Glass, are the specialists in engineered structural glass assemblies and have completed some of the most iconic installations in New Zealand. Woods Glass utilise their extensive experience in sourcing proprietary fittings and often high performance over sized glass, whilst Thermosash undertake the structural engineering and manufacturing - specifically for your customised solution.

As structural glass assemblies do not have the benefit of movement joints or seismic receivers like a conventional aluminum framed curtainwall, special consideration must be given to building movement, live load deflections and environment loads such as wind and seismic.

As these types of assemblies are often installed in areas of high density people movement, ie emergency egress pathways where human safety is paramount, it is imperative that they are engineered accordingly and that the glass specified is appropriate for overhead situations.

Our in-house glass engineers are capable of helping design and engineer a solution for you and can provide Producer Statements 1 (Design), 2 (Design Review), 3 (Construction) & 4 (Construction Review) as required for client and or council compliance.

Performance / Testing

  • AS/NZS1170 (Structural Design Actions)
  • NZS4223 (Glazing in Buildings)
  • NZS/AS4284:2008 (Water / Air Pressure/ Air Leakage - Meets and exceeds minimum requirements)

Maximum Spanning Ability

Thermosash specifically engineers the best suite option for your project taking into consideration span, structural system, and environmental loads (e.g. wind). The spanning ability will vary depending on the above.

Thermosash Suites are recognized as having the largest spanning systems on the market due to our specific engineering capability and the customised nature of the work we complete.


The standard warranty is 5 years from the date of practical completion for these products. This covers workmanship and weather tightness, providing the subcontract includes fabrication, installation and glazing of all components.

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Key Features

  • An extremely flexible design medium - your concept can be realised in glass.
  • Frameless entrances to entire fitting-free glass structures.
  • Themosash offer the full service of consulting, engineering, procurement of special glass or fittings, manufacturing and installation.


These projects are always bespoke and often complex. We suggest we review your concept early in development to assist in material selection and engineering constraints.


There are almost limitless possibilities with glass selection, performance, coloured, thickness and size range including multiple colour PVB laminate.

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