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Article: Meridian Building, Wellington - Enlightened perspective


Article: Wellington Regional Hospital - Clean bill of health


Article: Lumley Centre, Auckland- Fine lines

  • Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall
  • Website: Lumley Tower


Article: Stamford Apartment, Auckland - Ambition achieved


Article: Deloitte Centre, Auckland - Heritage remains key

Article: Deloitte Centre, Auckland - the future is now

  • Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall, twin skin system; structural glass canopy
  • Website: Deloitte -Auckland


Article: Britomart Glass House, Auckland  - Heart of glass

  • Products: structural glass louvres
  • Website: Britomart


Article: University of Auckland Business School - Business class

Article: University of Auckland Business School - Big wide world

  • Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall; structural glas; solar shading; glass fins & louvres
  • Website: UOA Business School


Article: Auckland Museum - Finishing touches


Article: Hurakai Lodge, Rakino Island - Islands in the sun

  • Products: Thermosash Delta Suite windows and doors
  • Website: Hurakia Lodge


Article: Giltrap, Auckland - Mixed-use building


Article: Cathedral Square, Christchurch - Shining addition

  • Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall, twin skin system; Thermosash PW400 Curtainwall; Thermosash Alpha Glazing System; channel glazing, mechanically engaged canopy.
  • Website: Spark HQ Christchurch


Article: Telecom Central Office, Wellington - Tomorrow calling

  • Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall; ShadegrateTM and ShadetreadTM; Thermosash Alpha Glazing System; solar shading.
  • Website: Telecom Tower - Willis Street


Article: Sylvia Park Office Building, Auckland - Striking facade treatments

Products: PW1000 UnitisedTM Curtainwall; extruded and composite fins; Delta Commercial Windows; solar shading, channel glazing, frameless glass doors.

Website: Sylvia Park Office Tower