Fire Rated Glass


It is important to understand that glass is not fire rated, rather it is used in conjunction with a frame system to achieve a Fire Resistant Rating (FRR). The frame can be timber, mild steel, stainless steel or even special aluminium profiles.

The FRR has 3 classifications from NZS 4232 Part 2:

Structural adequacy: the ability for the system to maintain adequate stability and load bearing capacity

Integrity: The ability of the system to resist flames and hot gases from passing through

Insulation: the ability for the surface not exposed to fire to remain below limits specified

FRR is defined in minutes of fire as follows FRR = 30/60/30. This is always in the order of structural adequacy/ Integrity/ Insulation.

Typically, glass is only defined by Integrity and Insulation, for example - /60/30.

Fire Rated glass products vary from traditional wired glass to special ceramics, intumescent laminates, and IGUs and up to -/120/120 performance

Thermosash Commercial, and our Thermosash Group Company, Woods Glass, can assist with the supply of Fire Rated systems.

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