Project Overview

The FMG office building is part of the Agri-Export commercial precinct at Christchurch International Airport. The upper level is Thermosash engineered high performance PW1000 unitised curtainwall with integrated solar shading devices and aesthetic feature fins, while to the lower level the same curtainwall system is installed as a window-wall with integrated doors.

The biggest challenge of this project was integrating the external fins running both horizontally and diagonally into our PW1000 frame, with the aim of managing the maintenance load requirements and maintaining architectural intent. Thermosash designed and engineered a complex T-section steel bracketry system to connect all the fins from both directions into the curtainwall system.

The project had some initial production challenges due to minimal tolerance levels for the complex bracketry. This was overcome with a robust QAQC system for welding, surface finishing and integration into the PW1000 mullion. The implementation of the early extra QAQC steps enabled the project to be completed within the programme durations, while maintaining consistent quality standards.

The FMG project was the winner in the commercial section of the 2021 Canterbury Architecture Awards. The award is testament to both the quality of the architectural design from Sheppard and Rout, and the delivery of the project on the architectural intent.


Sheppard & Rout Architects

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