PW1000-TB160 Thermal Break

Product Description

Thermosash PW1000-TB160 : Thermally broken four sided structurally glazed curtainwall suite designed for highrise or lowrise applications where the project has large spans or large panes of glass requiring higher strength systems.

A Thermal Break Suite is used when there is a need to reduce thermal transfer from inside to outside. Thermosash suites are often specified in areas of high condensation such as internal pool areas or where the temperature between inside and out can vary significantly.

Mullion Size : 160mm


We custom design all our suites to suit our projects to maximise the efficiencies within the suite and often to incorporate added elements or unique building structures, building movements or floor heights.

Low-Carbon Aluminium

Thermosash partners with a local NZ-owned extruder achieving a lower carbon footprint than the global average - offering reduced upfront carbon emissions (find out more about our Sustainable Aluminium).

Aluminium is 100% recyclable and all aluminium from refurbished sites and from our manufacturing process is environmentally managed back to our key suppliers and processed back into raw billet form.

High performance facade solutions

Our team of designers and engineers are able to review your project and advise around the best solutions, taking into consideration environmental factors, sustainable outcomes, code compliance and budgetary requirements.

Performance Efficiency

High performance buildings are looking to be further energy efficient and are seeking greater Thermal performance through improved suite sections. Thermosash's Thermal Break series offer this solution - providing not only much improved reduced transmittance of heat load and heat loss - but exceeding industry codes on air filtration which is a significant component of building heating and cooling efficiencies.

The final performance of the curtainwall / panel wall suite is subject to many variables, from size of individual panels, glass performance, introduction of transoms and integrated solar shading (where bracketing may cause a cold link passage) and spandrel depth (insulation).

It is important to note that the aluminium section alone does not provide the thermal performance often expected. Glass specification is a significant contributor to the overall mechanical performance requirement of a building. The larger the glass pane the better performing the panel will be on average.


Our systems are prefabricated and glazed in a factory environment, stored if necessary, and transported for just-in-time site delivery. We have highly skilled installation teams who work safely and effectively to close in buildings rapidly.


The standard warranty is 10 years from the date of practical completion for these products. This covers workmanship and weather tightness, providing the subcontract includes fabrication, installation and glazing of all components, and the maintenance schedule is adhered to.


Maintaining glass, metals and stone are all particular to the environment that they are placed in: eg. marine, environmental pollution, exposure to natural washing, etc.

It is recommended by almost all material suppliers that building washing should occur every 3-6 months to prevent staining to glass and prevent environmental pollutants from corroding metals and to maintain the material warranties.

A full maintenance manual is provided on completion of a project for all the elements integrated within a project. Compliance to a maintenance schedule is essential to maintaining the quality of the installed product over time. Using Thermosash-approved facade maintenance contractor/personnel ensures the highest standards are met.

Contact us to discuss your project.

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Key Features

  • Bespoke engineered solution- locally designed, manufactured and installed by Thermosash
  • Improved U Value of suite performance (reduced heat loading internally and reduced cold transfer in colder conditions
  • Our products exceed industry code for minimal air leakage
  • Our Unitised Systems and professional installers enable us to close in buildings rapidly
  • Integrated spandrel insulation
  • Increased value - return on investment on the facade due to improved performance and durability of a Thermosash solution over the life of the building.


PW1000 Product Disclosure - documents package



We recommend using Masterspec 4211TS Curtainwall when specifying this suite.

CAD Downloads

TB160 - PW1000 160mm Mullion Seismic Thermally Broken Double Glazed

Download files

TB200 - PW1000 200mm Mullion Seismic Thermally Broken Double Glazed

Download files


  • Polyester powder coat - both standard and special colours available.
  • Anodised - all anodised colours available - commercial grade 20 micron finish recommended.
  • PVF2 Fluorocarbon finishes - available on request.

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